Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Achieve your potential!

Sound kind of weird right? Why would you need someone to tell you how to live your life? Well, Life-Coaching guides you in order to take decisions, it doesn’t give you advices and doesn’t do the job for you. Some Coaches believe that all types of coaching can rely on Life-Coaching. Because eventually all objectives are aspects or problems from someone’s life.

Our approach?

Coaching schools take about more approaches of Life-Coaching. But because in our team we have ICF certified Coaches, this aspect offers a larger perspective. Whenever we talk about Cognitive Approach, Oscar Model, Clear Model or Grow Model, we are talking about raising performance. In all the private sessions with us, you will tell us your “mountain to climb”, in order to see together the best way.

Why would I do this?

Can’t I get by myself to that particular result? We would certainly love that. But otherwise we will all be successful people right? We wouldn’t need a psychologist, or consultant, because theoretically, everybody has a potential in something. But eventually that is why social relantionships are working, in order to help each other and to value the most in our lives.

The price for a Life Coaching session is 50 EUR.
Or, buy with Payal 5 Life-Coaching sessions for the price of 150 EUR.