Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching


We live in very interesting times globally. We can definitely say that man cannot find himself. We have a lot of information, but we don’t know what to do with it. Why? Because it hangs a lot over our Soul. But what if I don’t believe in GOD, Soul, Spirituality? Well that’s not a problem. Your feelings are the same, just with another meaning for you.

Our Approach?

We are opened to talk to you about your deepest soul problem. Your consciounsnss level is contantly seeking answers to your own questions, and your own feelings. When we communicate, we usually use the non-verbal ways. We can send energy and intention through our perception over the Coach, through our focus on our objective, and our way we can interact with each other. We will learn you to canalize your effort and energy in order to achieve maximum potential in every situation. You cannot achieve more without a bigger energy field. And this comes also through the wa you think, learn and you relax your mind, but also your Soul.

Why would I do that?

In order to achieve every objective in live, it says you need 25% Effort, 25% Intention and 50% Energy. Althought we put on an effort, and we have the best intentions, we are lacking energy. Our thoughts are mostly negative, and we are almost all the time anxious. So why not change that?

The price for a Spiritual Coaching session is 50 EUR.
Or, buy with Payal 5 Spiritual Coaching sessions for the price of 175 EUR.